People are STILL trying to blame Bush for Hurricane Katrina?

George Bush and the federal government were NOT to blame for the disaster we witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

 The primary responsibility for the disaster preparations & response was up to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and other local officials.

Yet leading Democrats and their allies in the major media clearly used the disaster for political purposes and ignored one obvious fact. In America, state and local governments have PRIMARY responsibility in dealing with local disasters.

FEMA was formed to coordinate and focus federal response to major disasters – to “assist" local and state governments

Our founding fathers devised a federal system of government – one that has served us remarkably well through great disasters that have befallen America over more than two centuries.

The media would have you believe that this disaster was worsened by a slow response from President Bush and his administration, though the primary responsibility for disaster response has always been with local and state governments.

It is true that federal response was not as fast as it could have been. Bush himself acknowledged that fact.

But the press focused on the first 48 hours of federal response, not uttering a word about the fact that New Orleans had more than 48 hours of warning that a major Category 4 or 5 would make landfall near the city, yet local officials apparently did little to prepare!

If we believe the major TV networks….George Bush, FEMA and the Republicans that were in Congress are all to blame for the nightmare.

Criticism of the federal government’s response is fair and warranted. But putting full responsibility for the disaster on the Bush administration is way over the top. It was just Democrats who were out of power in every branch of the federal government that wanted to use whatever they could to change the political tides. 

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